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When starting off with Tennis lessons you must decide what are you goals. If your Thinking about Tennis Lessons you then make sure your are Happy with your Instructor. Basic Tennis Lessons you start off teaching you how to direct the ball. Its great cardio and also great for socials.

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Forming a Tennis Clinic

Tennis Clinic"s are usually 3 to 5 people. You each stand in line while taking turns. Its great for people to socialize and catch up with friends while waiting for your turn to be drilled. Tennis Clinic are for people that want to improve there game.

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Private One on Ones

You already have had Tennis Lessons and want to improve your game. Work on serves or strategies, ball placement. I'll be feeding Tennis balls as a private tennis.You have the option to bring a partner and do a clinic. Coaching Available for Advance Players. If you need a Tennis Coach for your matches, then lets get you working ready for your matches.

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Know someone that is stressed-out and needs a New fitness motivation. Or Has The Doctor advised you to lower your cholesterol. Then try some Tennis Lessons. You Can Also Give a Gift certificate for a private one-one Tennis Lesson. If its for you then schedule a Lesson now!

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